Carbon I-Stringer & Double Carbon Vacuum Wrap

Low weight and absolute stiffness of the skimboards are our top priority. After hours of deliberation, we have achieved this through the Carbon Stringer I construction method. Drawing inspiration from statics in the form of a carbon I-beam, we integrated this into the blank, allowing us to achieve absolute stiffness without adding weight.


Additionally, we employ the Double Carbon Wrap Technology, applying carbon fabric on both sides using a vacuum process. Stiffest shape at lowest weight (1.6 kg)

Reinforced Rails

We’ve all been there: a dreamy surf session interrupted by a ding on the rail. It’s frustrating because you shouldn’t take a board with a ding into the water. Corners, edges, obstacles that could damage your board are present at every breaking wave. While fiberglass offers optimal flexibility and performance properties in the water, it unfortunately lacks impact resistance.


The reinforcement fiber called Innegra™ is the perfect solution here. Excellent impact resistance due to increased toughness cushions the blow and prevents breakage on the rail. This is achieved because the Innegra fiber is not soaked in resin but only surrounded by it. Innegra™ is a high-tech fiber used in the aerospace and defense industries. It consists of “High Modulus Polypropylene,” which offers excellent properties for reinforcing surfboard rails.


More surf – less dings

Reinforced Finboxes

The first thing you often check after a fall is the finbox. More frustrating than a ding on the rail is a dented finbox or when the fin has pressed into the board.


With our specially developed installation method, we have addressed this issue. We noticed that in all off-the-shelf boards, the transition from finbox to board (blank) is hard to soft. Therefore, the necessary stability of finboxes in the board for river surfing is not guaranteed. Eight anchors around the finbox ensure a smooth power transmission to the board. Reinforced with fiberglass strands in the anchors, the finbox withstands external influences and impacts without any problems. We recommend Sane brand finboxes for river surfboards. These provide an improved contact surface at the trailing edge of the fin, preventing it from pressing into the board.


More surf – less dings