The Darkside

[easy paddle – easy duckdive – strong peformance]

785,00 inkl. Ust.

Description & Details

  • Macht eine Menge Spaß in der Größe eines Shortboards z.B. mit einer Single Fin oder als 2+1, bis zur Größe eines Minimalibus.
  • Thruster/ Single/ 2+1 Fin Option — Future Fins oder FCS II
  • Design frei wählbar

Additional information


6’6 x 21″ x 2 5/8″  ∼40L

empfohlene Längen:

5′-7’+ (frei wählbar im Customizer)

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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

We live on the Danube, and every shape goes straight into the water. Years of experience in wakesurfing have perfected our shapes for you. Our passion to bring you joy in the water sets the highest standard for our wakesurfboards and makes each of your sessions special.

The ultimate question can be answered in a personal conversation – as it varies from boat wave to boat wave.

It’s best to follow the weight specifications in the size description – or you can send us an inquiry and we can assist you directly.

Each model has its own characteristics. We can guarantee a lot of fun and tremendous progress in your surf game. Take a look at the descriptions of the boards and decide based on what you want most from your boards at the moment and in the future. If you have any further questions, we are always available to assist you.